Unique job opportunity: Earn over $45,000 per year – testing sex dolls

Unique job opportunity: Earn over $45,000 per year – testing sex dolls

Having sex with someone you love is the best feeling. You feel connected, in love and very attached to the person you are with.

However, not everyone is lucky enough to find their other halves – but with today’s technology, that is no longer a problem.

Nowadays, sex dolls are on the rise, and they are equipped with both artificial intelligence and human-like skin, looking pretty close to the real thing.

Now a company that manufactures sex dolls is looking for someone who can test their products – and get paid over $45,000 per year, writes The Sun.

The company Silicone Sex World is looking for a new employee who will try out new products at the company’s headquarters in London, England.

Free gym cards and discounts

The job includes, among other things, varied job hours, 22 vacation days, gym cards and a job phone.

In addition, family members and close friends get discounts on the company’s products, which the company claims are of the highest quality

Image source: Silicone Sex World

Keep an eye on the industry

As mentioned, the tasks include trying out the company’s products, which includes testing the sex dolls, to ensure their quality and provide feedback to those who manufacture the dolls.

Image source: Silicone Sex World

The lucky new hire must also go to events around the world to keep track of what’s hot in the industry right now.

No previous experience is required, but passion and an eye for detail are described as merit.

Image source: Silicone Sex World

“It’ll make sure we maintain the quality of our offering and it’ll also help us innovate in a competitive market,” says the company.

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