You can now hire Daniel, the cleaner – who will freshen your house completely naked

You can now hire Daniel, the cleaner – who will freshen your house completely naked

Cleaning at home can be nice – afterward. When everything is clean and organized.

However, doing the actual cleaning is a completely different thing. It often means a lot of sweat, complains and boredom.

But now one can avoid it, and get a nice view at the same time, writes the British site The Mirror.

Daniel Aitken, 26, will clean your home – dressed in his birthday suit.

Daniel Aitken is not like any 26-year-old. He runs his own company – and his company is not like any other company.

Shows up in his Birthday Suit

He runs his own cleaning company, but what’s special about it is that he performs his services completely naked.

naked cleaner
Image source: Youtube

For just under $40 per hour, Daniel will make your place shine, be it a living room, a kitchen or a bathroom.

“My friends think it is hilarious but I remain professional and ensure their house is spotless when I leave,” says Daniel to The Mirror.

cleaner naked
Image source: Youtube

Previously a carpenter

It all began as a joke between Daniel, who was previously a carpenter, and his parents who dared him to do it, thinking he wouldn’t.

But since then Daniel started his cleaning company – and the business is booming so fast that Daniel already got himself a new house.

“I’m aware it’s a pretty random job, but I saw a gap in the market and thought I would jump at the opportunity,” says Daniel to The Mirror.

Image source: Youtube

Shows up and undresses

The nudity itself is not a problem for Daniel.

“I just turn up to their house with a bottle of flash, dustpan, and brush, take my clothes off and start my shift. I don’t mind putting myself out there, I am sure it is nothing they haven’t seen before,” says Daniel to The Mirror.

naked clean
Image source: Youtube

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