Only a true genius can find a letter that sticks out

Recently, it has become very popular on the Internet to challenge your friends with different types of tests. It can be riddles, puzzles or even old fashioned math problems from back at school where you have to remember the order of operations.

Challenging yourself is always good for keeping your brain sharp and it’s quite fun. You have to feed your competitive instinct and the feeling of victory is always nice.

Solving different challenges is a great way to relax. It may sound a little contradictory, but you always think a little bit clearer after exercising those brain cells. Thanks to the internet, today you don’t have to limit your challenges to crosswords and sudoku from the newspaper.

Time to concentrate

Lately, a new type of challenge has been circulating online, it comprises finding a specific detail in an image.

It is often quite difficult and you must really focus to succeed.

But if you try your best it becomes easier to solve, and you get a boost in confidence from the achievement.

Can you find the letter that stands out?

Okay, here’s the challenge today.

Below there’s a picture filled with Y’s.

The challenge is to find a letter that is not a Y. There a few.

Here is the picture – will you find an odd letter?

Did you see at least one? It’s not easy, but it should be fine if you focus.

If you can’t make it, then the answer is below.

Here is the right answer

The solution comes in the picture below.

There, quite far down the right, there is a T!

A bit more to the left, you can also find both V and X.

It wasn’t easy, and the colors didn’t really help.

Did you solve it on your own? Congratulations in that case!

Now pass this on, to see if your friends can do it!