Only a “true brainiac” can pass this tricky test: Can you find the odd symbol out?

Only a “true brainiac” can pass this tricky test: Can you find the odd symbol out?

Classic brainteasers are something I’ll always enjoy! It’s like when you exercise the body, afterward, you feel fresher and more alert — the same can be said about the mind after training it.

I’ve always been fascinated by challenges, especially those that require the eyes and brain to work together as a team — so I thought I would share with you 3 of such tests!

According to EG Mines, only a “true brainiac” can handle these puzzles.

Take this information with a pinch of salt, there are other factors, that determine our ability to overcome challenges – but what we are sure of is that these puzzles are not simple.

However, if you pay attention and concentrate, I know you can do this!

Before trying to solve these puzzles, I should let you know that you only have 10 seconds per task. Otherwise, it will be too easy. Time pressure is a big part of the challenge. It’s harder to concentrate on the right details when you are a little stressed.

What symbol stands out?

All right, here we go!

You need to find the symbol that stands out from the others!

Can you find it in the first puzzle?

test brainiac 1

Did you find the emoji that stands out?

If not, you can see the solution below!

test brainiac 1 solution

Now, it’s time for the second challenge.

Will you be able to find the odd emoji out?

test brainiac 2

How did it go this time? Did you find the symbol that‘s different?

If not, we will tell you the answer below!

test brainiac 2 solution

Finally, it’s time for puzzle number 3.

Can you find the odd symbol out?

test brainiac 3

Did you find which emoji is not like the others?

If not, we will provide the answer below!

test brainiac 3 solution

Were you able to complete at least one of these tests? Then press the share button so you can pass on this fun challenge to your friends! I’m sure they’ll appreciate it!