Something about this woman’s picture is very wrong – but only a few people manage to see it

Visual puzzles, or optical illusions, as we also call them, are an exciting way to test yourself. They affect our eyes in diverse ways, for example, two people can see different things even though they are looking at the same picture.

Recently, trying to solve optical illusions has become very trendy online, perhaps because of how fun it is.

Optical illusions have fascinated people since ancient times. Pictures that seem to move when looking at them or circles turning into squares. It’s pretty unreal to look at some of them.

Think outside the box

Online, it’s currently quite popular to compete with friends and family doing different types of puzzles and quizzes, especially optical illusions. You challenge each other to see who can find first the small details or discover the hidden message inside a picture.

It’s a good brain exercise, just like solving Crosswords or Sudoku but in a slightly different way.

However, the same rules apply. You must give it 100% and it’s also important to think a little outside the box.

Can you find the error in this picture?

The picture below has gone viral.

Something about is unsettling, maybe because it hides a hard-to-see secret.

Something in the picture is wrong, but can you find what?

Did you see it?

If not, here is a small clue: there is something about the woman in the picture that doesn’t fit.

Did that help? If not, the answer will come after the picture below.

Image source: Pexels

Here’s the answer

The girl in the picture has six fingers.

Do you see it now? There are five visible fingers and a thumb behind. Someone has therefore edited in an extra finger.

Difficult to see – but not impossible!

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