No one in my family could do it – are you able to spot the difference in these pictures?

I’ve been solving quizzes since childhood, I remember how I was sitting on my grandfather’s knee to help him solve different ones. It taught me things that you can’t learn at school.

I’m still doing it now as a grown up. I think it’s perfect as a pastime, it’s a really good brain exercise and the feeling of solving a puzzle is always really good.

Constantly challenging oneself is very entertaining and important to the brain. Forcing those neurons to move on a regular basis helps to sharpen both memory and concentration.

No one in my family managed to solve this one

My niece came to me with this quiz. It’s a cartoon image of a family of fun characters. The actual challenge was finding the detail that separates the two pictures. At first, it looked like it was for small kids, so I thought it would be quite simple.

But after staring at the pictures for a while, I still had not found the difference. In the end, I finally accepted defeat and asked for further assistance from my husband, who also didn’t succeed.

Can you spot the difference in the images below?

Spot the difference

As I said, no one in my family managed this without looking at the answer. If you haven’t found it, it will be below.

Here is the result

Look! The shoes of a character are a different color. When you look at the answer, it’s so obvious, but before knowing I really thought it was impossible.

One more try

No, you know what?! I think we’ll take a second crack at it. It’s the same layout as last, what’s different in the pictures below?

Spot the difference again

Again, it’s only a tiny, small detail that separates the pictures. Can you find that detail? If not, you will find the correct answer below.

The answer is this

There we have it, yup! One of the whiskers has become considerably shorter on the other picture. It’s really hard to see!

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