Only a few people can pass this test: Which tank will fill up first?

Every now and then, I like to challenge myself in different ways. I don’t know why, but solving quizzes and puzzles makes my mind feel sharp and healthy.

My competitive instinct doesn’t get weaker with age – rather the opposite!

Young people prefer to stare at their phones all day, scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. I think It’s important that we try to involve the family in these kinds of things, everyone can participate – and having fun together is always a good thing.

Earlier today, while I was sitting at the dentist waiting for my turn, I encountered this puzzle (below). I think I’ve seen similar ones before, but this one was pretty hard. You need to concentrate and push your eyes and brain to the limits to solve it.

Which tank will fill up first?

In this puzzle, you will have to figure out which tank will fill up with water first. However, there are obstacles and details that you have to keep an eye out for – if you are impatient, it’s easy to make a mistake. Of course, only 1 in 5 people gets it right on the first try.

Now I’ll let you get to it and try to figure out the correct answer!

Which tank will fill up first?

Which tank will fill up first?

Now take an extra minute, so you don’t get it wrong! You can check the answer below!

Remember, most people get it wrong, so don’t be hasty!

Here is the right answer!

This tank will fill up first

The container number 3 will fill up first! If you look carefully, water will never get to containers 4 or 5. However, the water from 2 will be directed to 7 where it leaks outside from the bottom. The path between 2 and 6 is also closed!

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