19 secrets all women have – but never tell their boyfriends

19 secrets all women have – but never tell their boyfriends

Honesty is perhaps the most important thing for a relationship to work. You must be open with what you think, feel and want. Otherwise, it is difficult to build trust and get a long-lasting relationship.

With that said, everyone has secrets. It doesn‘t have to be about serious things, but keeping some things to yourself can be important for most people. Maybe, partners aren‘t supposed to know everything.

This varies from person to person, but I think most of us have little secrets that no one else knows about.

Because of this, here we have listed 19 secrets that many girlfriends have – but never tell their partners.

Of course, this list should be taken with a grain of salt, I think you already know that!

All of this is, of course, individual. But giving a hint to men from a woman‘s perspective can be fun – at least for our boyfriends.

They will compare you to their ex

1. Their best friend knows EVERYTHING – even more than a boyfriend could imagine. It can be anything from details on the boyfriend’s bank account to… oh, “other things”.

2. She gets aroused by your touch – but never tells you.


3. If you are away overnight, she will sleep in your clothes.

4. Your girlfriend will never tell you how many men she has been with. And if she does, the number is definitely higher.

5. She fantasized about sleeping with you before it happened. Yes, girls are just like guys in this respect.

6. She has used any means necessary (Google, Facebook, etc.) to stalk your ex.

7. Your girlfriend compares you, at least at the beginning, to her previous partners.

8. She knows when you have been looking at porn, but will never tell you, since she will keep it as her “ace up her sleeve” – ​​and also thinks what you watched is funny.

9. Every time the girlfriend says she’s ready, it means there is still 15 minutes before it’s even time to start leaving the house.

A bit of jealousy can be good

10. If she says you should meet somewhere in 30 minutes, that means she’ll be there in 45. If she says in 1 hour, then you can be there on time and wait for 30 extra minutes – free of charge. 2 hours becomes 3 and so on. Just add 50 percent to your meet-the-girlfriend time, easy.


11. She wants to hear you “talk dirty” – try to say something kinky now and then!

12. If the girlfriend is wearing her grandmother’s panties and runs around with unshaved legs – it’s a sign that she is comfortable and feels safe around you. Good job!

13. They constantly test you – at least at the beginning of the relationship. The choices you make, what you say, how you act – they analyze everything down to the smallest detail.

14. She likes when you show a bit of jealousy – but not to where it becomes embarrassing or difficult.

15. Many arguments start because she feels ignored. It‘s not about what she says the trouble is – if you “notice her” everything will get better.

16. Even if at the beginning of the relationship she insists on splitting the bill, she will think you are stingy if you agree to it.

Hints should be taken very seriously

17. If she hints that the relationship can be over – she has already discussed the possibility with her girlfriends for at least 2 weeks.


18. Although your girlfriend would never actually do it, she’s fantasized about doing it with your best friend. We are actually just people.

19. Hints like “Well, sit over there then” or “Your phone seems interesting today” is considerably more serious than it sounds – take them very seriously. Hell is about to break loose…

Now admit that you can relate to at least one of these! And press that share button to invite your friends to an extra laugh! We have exposed the truth!