Left-handed people are smarter, according to science

According to statistics, 10-13% of the population is left-handed.

Are you left-handed, and tired of others telling you how you do everything with “the wrong hand”?

Well now you can flex on the haters – according to a new study, being left-handed makes you a lot smarter than your right-handed counterparts.

This is because lefties have a more developed brain, according to the site IFLS.

The left hand, since ancient times, has been connected to beliefs of all kinds, for example, that being left-handed shortens your life – or that you are more likely to end up in jail if you are not right-handed, according to Indy100.

But a new study shows instead, that it is the complete opposite.

Left-handed have a more developed brain

Lefties have on average a larger right hemisphere and a larger corpus callosum than the rest.


This means they have a better spatial perception, cognitive ability and information processing in comparison with the non-left-handed.

Better at maths

A report by IFL Science has gone through different studies on sinistrals – which discovered that, for example, they have a much easier time solving mathematical problems.

The problems varied in difficulty. On the simpler ones, as expected, there wasn’t a significant difference, but once the difficulty increased, the left-handed subjects proved superior by a large margin, according to the site.

Image source: Pixabay

This is perhaps not that surprising knowing that several of this world’s most famous geniuses, including Albert Einstein, were left-handed.

So if you ever hear again that you’re doing something with the “wrong hand”, shut them up with the evidence!

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