Scientists: Here is the perfect penis size

Since time immemorial, men and women (perhaps men a bit more) have debated about the ideal penis size.

Does size really matter, or does it only matter how you use it? If size matters, which size is best?

According to a study, size plays an important role, and some penis sizes are more useful than others.

Behind the study is Big One Dating, a dating site that specializes in pairing men packing significant “members” with women who like them big.

How big is the perfect penis?

The site surveyed 4,761 women about their latest sexual encounters. They were asked to answer the following questions:

  • How big was he?
  • Did you experience an orgasm?

The data reveals that the size that most successfully made women experience an orgasm (44%) was 8 inches.

the perfect penis
Image source: Big One Dating

Quite substantial when compared to the result of the average penis (5.5 inches) or smaller.

Size is not everything

But are you automatically bad in bed if you don’t have an eight-inch monster between your legs?

Not really. A big penis doesn’t produce orgasms on its own.

the penis chart
Image source: Big One Dating

“Size plays a role, but the will to satisfy and knowing how to use it are much more important,” replied a 37-year-old woman participating in the study.

So there is no need to get depressed if you have an average penis. You just have to learn how to use all the tools at your disposal, like your fingers or your mouth.

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