Driver pushes motorcyclist into oncoming traffic – not even close to getting away with it

If there is something that annoys me to no end, it’s when people think they’re above other drivers on the road.

It’s not only unpleasant, but immensely dangerous as well, not to respect the laws and regulations when sitting behind the wheel. A small mistake can have the ultimate cost – and all drivers have to do their part to make the road safe.

When someone breaks the law, that person should, of course, face the consequences – preferably by the police and law enforcement, since they are the ones trained to deal with it. That’s the best way!

A situation when cooperation between drivers is vital, is when 2 lanes are merging, there, the zipper rule applies.

Pushes him into oncoming traffic

Unfortunately, one has to keep in mind that there are idiots trying to cut in line so they can get to their destination 20 seconds earlier. It’s not only stupid, but they are also putting everyone around them in danger.


Here, in the clip below, there was a woman in a gray sedan who tried to cut in line before a motorcyclist. She forcibly drives into the road where both lanes merge, pushing the motorcyclist out of the road. And even worse, pushing him into oncoming traffic.

The motorcyclist, understandably, raises his voice and tries to remind the driver of the traffic rules, he was put in an extremely dangerous position, after all. But the woman driving the car just ignores him and laughs it off. The whole thing, however, would come back to bite her in the ass – just a few moments later.


The motorcyclist saw a police car parked close to the road, and quickly drove up to meet the officer inside – to explain the situation.

Check out the clip below, it was captured by the mc’s camera.

The woman probably received hundreds of dollars in fines. And the mc uploaded the whole thing to Youtube, as a shout-out to the police officer, who was very helpful and understanding, while also being quick to efficiently take care of the situation.

Justice was served, and an awful driver got what she deserved! Fantastic!

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