Drunk neighbors block Melissa’s car with giant boulder – her solution is making headlines all over the world

Most of us have a peaceful, perhaps even friendly, relationships with our neighbors. It’s nice to be able to trust the people living next to you, and during the summers, it’s great to share a barbecue with everyone.

However, not everyone is that lucky. There are some selfish, entitled, and rude people in this world, and there’s gonna be poor souls that happen to be unlucky enough to buy or rent a house right next to this kind of personalities.

Like Melissa Scruggs, whose neighbors didn‘t see eye to eye with her since she repeatedly complained when they threw parties late at night. It disturbed everyone in the neighborhood, but her house is the closest to the “party house”.

With that said, the neighbors went too far. In an attempt to show their displeasure with her complaints, they decided to escalate things, but Melissa would strike back with an unexpected solution.

Melissa Scruggs is a volcanologist with an extensive professional background. She researches rock chemistry and volcanoes. In other words, she is an expert in the field. This evening, when the neighbors were throwing yet another party, they decided to fuck with Melissa who needed to go to work the next day, according to the site Boredpanda.

Blocking her car

When she was heading to her car in the morning, she noticed that during the night, the neighbors placed a large boulder in front of her car. Probably intending to prevent her from driving out of the parking lot – but what they didn’t think about, is that there is no rock that can get in the way of Melissa.

Picture: Twitter / Melissa Scruggs

They fucked with the wrong woman.

Picture: Twitter / Melissa Scruggs
Picture: Twitter / Melissa Scruggs

The time was 7:30 in the morning, and you could see Melissa carrying her rotary hammer drill (or auto-chipper) towards her car, she then let the other neighbors know in advance – and proceeded to go to town on the boulder for 4 hours, the massive rock never stood a chance.

She then swiped the rubble to the side.

broken down boulder
Picture: Twitter / Melissa Scruggs

On the one hand, we can assume that the young neighbors, with a hangover from last night, woke to the sound of Melissa drilling a stone apart, and I can guess they were nothing short of amazed when they saw how she solved the problem.

Talk about sending a message – and fixing a problem once and for all! Instead of just waiting for the neighbors to help her, Melissa solved the problem with her own skills, power, and knowledge.

Hopefully, the neighbors will keep that in mind in the future!

The wonderful volcanologist shared everything on Twitter.

“I have made eye contact w/ 2 of the guys. One gave me a nod, and the other looked at me with wide eyes like I’m a madwoman. I’d like to think that we have reached a mutual understanding.” she wrote.

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