Idiots throw fridge down a ravine – but then a cop car pulls up behind them

People who trash and pollute nature deserve a fitting punishment. Adults, by this point, should understand that we must work together to keep this planet clean, we can’t afford to ignore the current situation.

A man from Spain learned this the hard way – after laughing out loud while he and a friend threw a fridge down a mountain to get rid of the broken appliance.

However, he would soon come to regret his actions.

Sometimes it is fascinating how far people can push the limits of stupidity. The Spanish duo from today’s story is a clear example of this. They tweeted a video where one of them is talking sarcastically about recycling – while the other pushes a tall fridge into a steep ravine in the city of Almeria.

Identified – after their mistake

However, these jokers would not have the last laugh.

Because in the clip you could see their van’s license plate. So then, thanks to oh-so-sweet karma – the local police force, AUGC Guardia Civil, had no problem tracking down the perpetrators.

It turns out that these dumb criminals worked in a appliances and electronics store. But since they currently lacked a way to recycle old products, they resorted to other methods.

fridge bandit
Photo: Twitter / @ AUGC_Comunica

Like illegally disposing of broken refrigerators.

people are stupid
Photo: Twitter / @ AUGC_Comunica

After the police found them, both the company and the men ended up under investigation – the man had to pay a fine of up to 45,000 euros, equivalent to approx $55,000.

However, La Guardia did not think that was enough, and took the polluters back to the scene.

Had to pull the fridge back up

Guardia Civil then published a clip of the two idiots struggling to pull up the fridge from the bottom of the ravine. The police thus made them “clean up after themselves” – and we can assume that it was a lesson they won’t forget anytime soon.

Well played by the authorities – and props to them for delivering an appropriate punishment. Hopefully, these two fools learned from their mistakes and will behave like decent people from now on!

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