Daniel forgets to lock his apartment – so his friend covers it with tinfoil

Now that the pandemic seems to be coming to an end, we will finally be able to travel once more. But, as with most things, there is a set of rules that we must follow before we venture into that much-needed vacation:

Leave your home as clean as possible, turn off the appliances, unplug all your electronics, and, of course, make sure the door is locked when you head out.

However, 24-year-old Daniel Protheroe, a man from Wales, forgot about this crucial last step and left his door unlocked. Thankfully, his friend Scott Lewis realized his mistake – and decided to give his place a makeover to help him remember to lock his door next time.

He spent 10 hours carefully covering his friend’s ENTIRE apartment with tinfoil.

“It took him over three hours to take everything off and he still hasn’t completely taken everything down as he’s living with what he needs most removed,” Lewis explained.

When Daniel Protheroe went on a skiing trip, without noticing, he left his door unlocked.

he went on a vacation
Photo: Facebook / Daniel Protheroe

But when his friend Scott Lewis, 28, noticed it, he wanted to teach his friend what can happen when people are careless.

Everything was covered in tinfoil

So he wrapped everything in Daniel’s apartment in tinfoil.

tinfoil prank
Photo: Facebook / Scott Lewis

Walls, floor, bed, pillows, TV, toilet, and furniture – not a single thing was left un-foiled.

“It took me and my friend, Tom, the best part of 10 hours and near enough 30 rolls of 100ft foil,” he told Wales Online.

Photo: Facebook / Scott Lewis

Of course, Daniel was unaware of what had been going on in his apartment during his absence. To his surprise, when he returned from his vacation, his entire home was wrapped in tinfoil.

he used the tinfoil
Photo: Facebook / Scott Lewis

“I was impressed”

According to his friend Scott Lewis, however, he took it pretty well. After all, it looked pretty awesome – and thankfully it was only his friends getting into his apartment.

“His reaction was pretty relaxed as he appreciated it more than anything when seeing the attention to detail after a few minutes,” he said.

Photo: Facebook / Scott Lewis

Daniel thinks that the bathroom was the trickiest one to get the foil out of.

“I wasn’t annoyed, I was more impressed with how good it looked. I’m going to get him back, karma is going to bite him,” he told Wales Online.

Photo: Facebook / Scott Lewis

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