Two young idiots try to kick a cow – but watch as karma swiftly strikes

Animals are wonderful! They are our little neighbors and help us give life to this beautiful planet.

Sure, they can’t talk, but many animals are so intelligent that they can push through this barrier and let us know exactly how they feel.

Being violent towards animals is one of the most cowardly things you can do, as animals are often naive and friendly. That’s why it’s so satisfying to see this kind of people get exactly what they deserve.

And today’s clip is one of those cases.

Being mean to animals probably means that something inside your head is missing, in my opinion.

When you feel the need to harm or bother an innocent animal that has never done anything to you, you are a coward. Simply said.

Kicking a cow

In the clip below, we can see two young guys on a motorbike.

So far, nothing is strange, but a little further down the road, we find a cow.

The boy sitting on the back of the bike, whom we’ll can “douchebag,” gets a “stroke of genius” and decides to kick the cow when the vehicle passes behind the animal.

karma strikes back
Image source: Twitter

Karma strikes immediately

You can clearly see the boy stretching his leg and kicking the cow.

animals abusers
Image source: Twitter

The boy hits the cow with his foot, but thanks to something called physics, things don’t go the way douchebag boy imagined them.

The boy, and his hopefully now ex-friend, who’s driving, plus the bike, probably weigh together half of the cow, which clearly shows from the kick’s result.

In other words, the only thing that moved was them and their stupidity. 

Watch the clip below!

The boy who kicks falls into a nearby ditch, an ironic yet adequate destination for him. The driver completely loses control and falls.

That’s honestly what this idiotic pair deserved!

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