President Trump has a look-alike and she is a Spanish potato farmer

President Trump has a look-alike and she is a Spanish potato farmer

Doppelgangers are a fascinating phenomenon.

There is a theory that states everyone has a double, or someone that looks exactly like them, somewhere in the world. It is up to everyone if they believe it, but there are some valid points behind it, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be true. There are billions of us, after all.

Some time ago, we wrote about several people who accidentally found their doppelganger at a family reunion or at a museum.

However, the US president has a female double – a Spanish potato farmer. The images of this unique looking lady have awed millions around the world.

Have you ever thought about what Donald Trump would look like as a woman? Or with a career in farming? 

Dolores is Donald Trump’s double

Well, today is your lucky day. A Spanish potato farmer has become famous around the world after a foto of her went viral. However, her fame is centered on her looks. And not in the same way as popular Instagram models.

Image: Twitter / @mmpadellan

The woman is strikingly similar to Donald Trump.

Image: Twitter / @mmpadellan

A journalist posted a picture of Dolores Leis Antelo on Twitter. She had a shovel over one shoulder and stood next to her fields. After that, it didn’t take long before thousands noticed the similarities with our current president.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

As a result, people had some fun creating hilarious montages in which they swapped Trump with his double, Dolores, in some of his pictures.

A happy and cheerful person

The farmer herself owns neither a computer nor a twitter account, reports Business Insider. She’s been married for over 40 years – and the excitement her appearance incited on the web was a surprise.

“Goodness, my picture seems to have traveled a long way. I think it’s mostly because of my hair color,” she said, according to the Spanish newspaper La Voz de Galicia.

Image: Twitter / @ mmpadellan

According to reports, Dolores finds it funny when people tell her how similar to President Trump she is. It’s great that she takes it with humor – and can see it with no negativity!

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