16 people who met their doppelganger at a family reunion

16 people who met their doppelganger at a family reunion

It is hard to wrap your head around how genes work. Some people not only look like their parents, but they also dress and behave similarly, their manners and way of talking are straight-up identical.

Being alike someone in your family is perfectly logical, but people can’t help being surprised when the similarities cross a certain threshold.

With that in mind, here we have gathered a list of 16 amazing look-alike relatives!

1. Grandma and granddaughter

2. “My dad holding me on the left, me holding my son on the right”

3. “Dad on the left, me on the right”

4. The picture on top shows two friends, the one on the bottom shows their sons

5. “Back in 2012, I recreated Dad’s photos from 1976”

6. Great-grandfather 1917, and great-grandson 1995.

7. Father and son

8. Mother and daughter – 20 years between pictures

9. “Mom and her first child 41 years ago and me today”

10. “Mom and I in our graduation photos at school”

11. Father and son

12. Mother and son – both 16 years old

13. “I’m the on the left and my dad is the one on the right”

14. “My great-grandfather, my grandfather, and my brother”


15. “I definitely got more of dad’s genes than mom’s”

16. “Me and my dad˝

It’s almost creepy how look-alike these people are!

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