This brewery’s tribute to beer bellies is spreading like wildfire

As we all know, there are good things and bad things about drinking beer.

The good: it tastes good, and it feels good. It calms you down, and relaxes your body and mind.
The bad: hmm, thinking about it now, I have a hard time coming up with any bad things. At all.

This German brewery got tired of beer commercials that featured unrealistically attractive supermodels. So they decided to use normal men to represent their customers in a more realistic way: as men with beer bellies.

And the results are as refreshing as a cold beer on a hot day!

Ingenious campaign

Naked pregnancy photos where women tenderly caress their big bellies are becoming more and more popular. The German brewery decided to imitate these with their own models.

But instead of caressing pregnant bellies, these men are holding something that they’ve spent a lot of time raising and feeding – their beer bellies.

The company’s slogan is naturally “Brewed with love”.

Source (all): adeevee

I think their ad campaign is ingenious!

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