This “must have” penis necklace goes from slack to erected – when you pull the ring

Art inspired by the male genitalia is nothing new. Take, for example, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, which is one of the world’s most famous phallic symbols.

If you are a big fan of jewelry and penises, now is your chance.

There’s a new necklace with a penis pendant – which gets “erected” if you pull the ring at the back, reports The Daily Dot.

Summer’s hottest piece of jewelry – in many ways. Of course, I’m talking about the new penis necklace. Penises can change their shape a lot, as you might know, and the creator of this necklace took that fact into account when he designed this new piece.

From flaccid to erect in a second

The necklace, which is made of silver, at first, it looks just like a normal limp penis.

Image source: Etsy

But on the back of the penis, there is also a small ring that you can pull.

Suddenly, the penis gets erected and as hard as a rock while pointing at the sky.

necklace penis
Image source: Etsy

“Beautiful necklace”

The necklace, which is available for purchase on Etsy, costs $50. Which, is a fair price for the craftsmanship that goes into it. Such a small and detailed mechanism it’s difficult to make, and regardless of the price, the penis necklace is selling like hotcakes online.

“I already had to promise to bequeath this beautiful necklace to one of my besties. LOVE IT!” wrote a satisfied customer on the website.

Image source: Etsy

Would you like to wear this new fashion statement? Or do you know someone who would love it as a gift?

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