Wonderful clip: 2 dogs and 4 kittens nap by the fireplace – until mom says the magic word

Everyone knows waiting for food is super frustrating when you are starving and the dinner is only minutes away.

The food smell reaches your nose and your mouth starts salivating, it’s during those times when I realize how much of an animal I still am, regardless of how much humans try to ignore that fact.

It’s the most basic instinct. Anyone with pets knows the joy that the little fellas can show when it comes to dinner.

It’s an easy way to earn the love of your dogs or cats — good food!

We all know that feeling when you are hungry and have something cooking in the oven — the timer rings and signals that the food is ready! The excitement goes through the roof!

Debunking a stupid myth

The same thing happens when you let your dog or cat know that it is time for food. Rarely do they say no to a meal, and they also get really hungry.

A brilliant example of this is this fantastic clip — which also debunks the stupid myth that dogs and cats can’t be friends!

2 dogs and 4 kittens 2
Image: Youtube

This family has 2 dogs and 4 kittens. The whole pack is napping by the fireplace all warm and cozy. Suddenly, mom says one word while filming — and then the calm turns into a storm of cuteness.

It warms my heart

When she says the magic word: “dinner” — take a look at the reaction of the cats in particular!

In all its simplicity, this clip is absolutely adorable and these animals clearly understand what that magic word means. It fascinates me and warms my heart to see this!

As a food lover, I can relate to these cats’ feelings — the clip left a big smile on my face!

2 dogs and 4 kittens

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