2 boys line up in crowded concert hall – now listen when the one on the right opens his mouth

One of my favorite things is to attend a performance or show!

The ones I enjoy the most are those that offer unexpected or shocking developments — you know when the audience gets shocked out of their seats. It’s rare to witness this kind of display, but thanks to technology we can always find them online, to avoid missing out on the fun.

It‘s easy to complain about new technology and that modernization goes too fast, but that such incredible performances can be watched from anywhere is something we should be happy for, IMHO.

This kind of videos cheers me up on a bad day!

Of all the wonderful performances I have seen over the years, this one (below) is for sure in my top 5. I have seen beautiful shows in New York, Las Vegas, and LA. But I think this clip is simple and amazing at the same time.

An unexpected performance

There are 2 boys standing next to each other as part of a chorus — and the venue is sold out. The audience quiets down when the spotlight points at these two youngsters and the show starts.

Singing meow boys

The boys start singing alongside Rossini’s “Duetto buffo di due gatti,” which means “Funny duet of two cats,” from the opera Otello.

Meowing instead of singing

It sounds like the boys are more “Meowing” than singing — and the audience quickly starts to giggle, but when the boy on the right lets out a proper meow, the audience cracks up in laughter.

Singing meow boys

By the end, most spectators are laughing out loud, but these skilled teenagers are very professional and keep a straight face during the entire performance — Impressive!

I had a big smile on my face throughout this wonderful clip!

Chorus meow singing boys

Both funny and surprising! These youngsters are fantastic! Now press share if you agree, so your friends can have a laugh as well!