Hysterical baby won’t stop crying – now watch dog’s solution that’s taken the world by storm

There is almost an invisible bond between children and pets. The pet knows that the little person can‘t fend for themselves yet and will treat the child as if it was their own cub.

They play, hug and socialize as two friends who are growing up together.

A pet is also good for children as they learn early to share, and get used to give and receive constant affection.

Seeing your pet care for the youngest in the family is a touching experience. They become almost like an extra parent who will protect and comfort the child when it’s needed.

Wonderful solution

Sometimes our pets are even better than us at coming up with parenting solutions. Like the dog in the clip below.

The mother, unable to figure out how to get her little baby to stop crying, lets him lie on a blanket until he stops crying. So the dog decides to take matters into its own paws!

We shouldn’t reveal too much – check the video yourself instead!

baby won't stop crying dog's amazing solution

Almost nine million people have watched this small pup’s genius method to stop the baby cries!

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