1-year-old steals dog’s treat, now watch the German Shepherd’s adorable reaction

Seeing toddlers and pets play together can really make your day and give you warm and fuzzy feelings. Especially since most dogs intuitively understand that they have to be very gentle and careful around babies.

In this video, German Shepherd Brano hangs out with his best friend Ava. Ava really likes Brano, but she’s not a fan of him getting treats when she gets nothing.

So when the dog gets fed, Ava quickly snatches one of the treats for herself.


It takes a while for her to succeed, but in the end she gets a hold of it and jealously guards it from the dog. His Dad tries to make her give it to the pupper, with mixed results…

Now watch the clip below for the dog’s reaction – luckily, Brano is a good boy!

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lJ06QROBXs” /]

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