Jerks harass firefighters on important mission, only for their hilarious revenge to make headlines

Jerks harass firefighters on important mission, only for their hilarious revenge to make headlines

We must respect every profession. Everyone is doing the best they can. I think this is a very basic, fair and necessary principle for a society to work!

In particular, the people who keep us citizens safe, deserve an extra pat on the shoulder for their great work. I’m referring to public servants like healthcare personnel, security/police, and emergency services.

Many people dream of being a firefighter while young – but most times it stays just as an ambition. Of course, risking your life for others is not something you can do with ease. Therefore, these heroes deserve all the appreciation they can get!

Something that annoys me to no end is when people mess with public employees while they are on duty. For example, when you do not allow the police to reach a certain place, or when nurses and firefighters can’t do their job.

Deserves a lesson

Those who disrespect public workers disrupt not only people who are trying to do their job. They put at risk the security, or even life, of individuals who have suffered an accident or need help.

People who do not let these professionals do their important job undisturbed, but rather try to mess with them – these are the people that deserve a lesson.

But there are other, much better ways to fight back!

boys throw snowballs at firefighters
Image source: Youtube

In the clip further down there are 2 firefighters out at an important job. They’re on a boat below a bridge trying to get their job done. However, some boys start to throw snowballs at them.

Now the revenge is cheered worldwide

Although it looks like an easy-going prank, you can notice that it interferes with the firefighters’ job – and that’s dangerous.

boys throw snowballs at firefighters
The man in the picture has nothing to do with this event.

However, one of the firefighters is not having it, so he comes with a brilliant way to retaliate – and to make sure they stop disrupting their work. What he does, you must see for yourself, but millions of people online have are now cheering his clever revenge!

No one thinks they were wrong – myself included.

This satisfying video has over 3 million views!

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