Thief steals Tom's cell phone while he's sleeping – 5 seconds later the scumbag gets what he deserves

Thief steals Tom’s cell phone while he’s sleeping – 5 seconds later the scumbag gets what he deserves

Thieves who are after your valuables can be a huge pain the butt. You leave your cell phone unsupervised for one second – and bang, it’s gone.

Two years ago, this happened to me in Central Park, New York. I was naive enough to carry my wallet in my back pocket. And when I reached for it to pay for a couple of drinks, it was gone. Someone had stolen it without me noticing a thing.

You should be careful and keep an eye on your valuables when in big crowds, or you’ll end up having to talk to the police and have your day ruined.

The inventive Tom Mabe got tired of all the thugs and thieves in his town. We’ve previously written about how he got the perfect revenge on a package thief, but this time Tom wanted to stop people’s cell phones from constantly being stolen.

So one day, the Youtube celebrity filmed with a hidden camera as he and a friend pretended to sleep in different places, with their cell phone lying next to them. You would hope that passers-by would let the dozing man know that his phone was out in the open, but they turned out to be too greedy for such a noble act.

Stunned over and over

Several people snatched the cell phone and kept walking.

However, Tom had an ingenious trick prepared to wreak maximum revenge. The “cell phone” was just a dummy phone, and was actually a home-made stun gun. With his remote control, he could make the phone severely shock whoever was carrying it – which made the thieves instantly regret their dirty deed.

Now watch the clip below, where several phone thieves get to experience instant karma! More than 12 million people have watched this video, and all of them are praising the youtuber’s initiative. Hopefully this will make some would-be pickpockets reconsider their future career!

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