13 pictures that show how scary the woods can be

Nature is absolutely wonderful, and one of the best things to do is to take a hike through a forest or a park. Contemplating trees, plants, and just breathing the air inside it’s like meditating.

From time to time, however, nature gets creative and turns quite strange. It sounds bad, but during Halloween season, It’s important to highlight that things can get spooky really quick.

Somethings can get anyone on the edge. Who wouldn’t get scared when bumping into a tree that looks like a giant troll? I certainly would — at that time I can guarantee that you would see me screaming and running, at the same time, continuously.

More importantly, here are 13 pictures that will scare the wits out of anyone!

1. Like we said nature is wonderful – and also quite naughty!

2. This one looks exactly like an evil troll!

3. A smiling tree. Almost cute, if it wasn’t terrifying!

4. This tree sees everything!

5. HELP!

6. Like I said… nature can also be naughty. You can guess what this looks like.

7. I would crap myself if I saw this while hiking alone!

8. A dragon maybe?

9. A tree with legs and arms – Oh my god!

10. I heard of smelling trees, but this is something completely different!

11. Hello there, Mr. Owl!

12. Really, really scary!

13. This is amazing! I’m never going near those woods!

Nature is impressive, isn’t it? Beautiful, scary, naughty and fascinating at the same time! I think that these images are really creepy, please press the share button if you agree! Let your friends appreciate this during the Halloween season!