List: The 15 ugliest pieces of clothing that money can buy

List: The 15 ugliest pieces of clothing that money can buy

The fashion world can be really strange. I remember some of the clothes I wore when I was growing up, and when I’m looking at the pictures now, I almost feel a bit embarrassed. So many shoulder pads! Oh well, trends come and go, so I guess it’s unavoidable to look like a clown every once in a while.

Even in today’s fashion, there are plenty of things that nobody should ever wear or use. Of course, everything shouldn’t be gray, plain and simple, but sometimes designers really take things too far!

We’ve compiled 15 photos of the weirdest clothes out there – I’d never buy any of these!

1. The purse that you’ll never lose…

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2. No, no, no!


3. Keep pushing!

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4. Cowboy flip-flops…

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5. I think I’ll skip these and keep on looking…

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6. Lace suits for men…

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7. I don’t know if this counts as pants…

Source: puma

8. Looks like someone skinned the cookie monster…

Source: theoutnet

9. Why not just wrap yourself up as a gift?


10. I’d rather walk around naked…

Source: topshop

11. At least her jeans aren’t too tight…

Source: ssense

12. Over my dead body!

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13. Why not just wear a hairy swimsuit?

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14. The jacket that hugs itself…

Source: notjustalabel

15. For those who get warm easily…

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