Research confirms: The miracle cure for sleeping well in the winter – chocolate

I love sweets. Sitting on the couch, watching TV while enjoying a piece of really good chocolate is a successful night in my book.

But eating chocolate in the evening feels bad because, you know, it’s not healthy with the sugar and all that – but the fact is that it can help you sleep better. Claims a new research, according to The Grimsby Telegraph site.

Eating chocolate after dinner can make you feel guilty, we know we shouldn’t eat candy during the week. Turns out that is actually good for your sleep to eat some before going to bed.

Helps the body sleep

According to a study by a group of sleep specialists and dietitian Sophie Medlin, chocolate can improve sleep quality.

Chocolate contains the substance tryptophan, which is an amino acid.
“Tryptophan has a great influence on the body’s melatonin levels, an important hormone which controls our sleep patterns. Melatonin is produced in the brain and the amount of it we produce, and how efficiently our brain uses it, is affected by our diet.”

“Chocolate is a particularly good source of tryptophan, so a hot chocolate cup or a piece of chocolate before bed is actually really good for sleep, so long as you don’t over-indulge,” said Sophie Medlin to The Grimsby Telegraph.

Chocolate helps you sleep
Image Source: Pixabay

Don’t go to bed hungry

The study, conducted in England, also explained that you should avoid eating spicy or fast food just before you go to bed, these types of foods are often difficult for the stomach to dissolve, which means the body must stay active while digesting the food.

The recommendation is to eat at least one hour before bedtime so that the stomach is calm and nice when you lie down. It’s also important not to be hungry because the body will try to keep us awake to find nutrition.

This is great news! I’ll definitely have a piece of chocolate tonight before I go to bed! Press the share button so your friends know!