The dream has come true: New pants that stop your farts from smelling

The dream has come true: New pants that stop your farts from smelling

Farting is normal – It could be bad for the body if you don’t get rid of the gasses inside of it.

But passing wind near other people can be considered rude, that’s something that we learned when we were kids.

However, a British company has come up with a solution to this problem, they have created pants that stop your farts smelling, according to Unilad.

Everyone knows the embarrassment caused by getting caught farting in public. You can now forget about those days thanks to a British company.

A filter of carbon lining for farts

The saying “He who smelled it, dealt it” might soon disappear from the English vocabulary. A company called Shreddies has launched jeans that keep the smell in, and the air out.

Stop farts smell
Image Source: Shreddies

A filter of carbon lining inside the pants will absorb the unpleasant smell – allowing you to “let it go” wherever, and whenever you want, without having to worry about being noticed. As long as it’s a silent one, of course. This is a filter, not a suppressor!

“More social freedom”

The company has chair pads and underwear with the same function as well. They claim their goal is to help people with sensitive stomachs to feel more comfortable with friends and family.

The magic jeans
Image Source: Shreddies

“The carbon filter provides increased protection and gives people with gas problems more freedom to enter social situations.” the company told Unilad.

The pants are available for both women and men. And are currently available.

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