New sex doll designed to replace women – has various moods and a working G-spot

New sex doll designed to replace women – has various moods and a working G-spot

The best part of life is sharing it with someone you like. Making each other better people, learning and growing, so you can be more comfortable just being yourselves — and finally, having an unbreakable bond that can get you through the hardest of situations and let you enjoy every moment like it was the last.

But for the men having trouble finding that special someone, there is a new sex doll that can “replace” women.

Samantha, the sex robot, has built-in sensors that can sense one’s touch, a fully functional G-spot, and the ability to switch between sexy and friendly moods.

Recently we wrote about male sex robots that can replace men for good — including a realistic penis and ability to sing your favorite song.

However, of course, there is also a female, super-advanced counterpart.

Can change moods

The ordinary, inflatable dolls have been around for some time — probably too much. This latest invention, however, is a big step, technically speaking — and the idea is mainly for sex dolls to be able to give their buyers more than just sex, writes The Sun.

Sex doll
Picture: Ruptly

The robot Samantha is designed by Spanish engineer Sergi Santos. She comes with artificial intelligence and can switch between sexy and familiar mood. “She” also has a number of built-in sensors, particularly at the hips, mouth, shoulders, and vagina. She is therefore aware of human touch, triggering the sexy mood option.

According to the creator, Samantha also has a working G-spot, which means she can have “orgasms”. She can also get emotionally tied to its owner, as has been upgraded with a moral code, according to

The doll has dark brown hair, green eyes and speaks English with an American accent. She can thus express a lot of phrases — mainly during sexual play. “I’m crazy about you”, “take it easy,” and “that’s nice, what’s next?” Are some of the sentences she can say.

Samantha loves, according to Sergi Santos, to get kisses. Mainly on her breasts and mouth.

The industry is growing

If you have a specific idea and want to be able to customize some details, then you are in luck. Of course, it’s not for free. The slightly less advanced dolls available cost around $1800, while Samantha goes for around $3000.

According to several reports, the sex robot industry has risen sharply in recent years. More and more men order dolls to replace the wife they never had, but apparently, there are also men who use these robots as mistresses.

Samantha’s creator, designer Santos, believes that the industry will grow further.

Sex doll 2
Picture: Ruptly

Certainly, this is honestly disgusting — But that’s just my opinion. I don’t understand why someone would spend so much on a sex doll. Of course, we recommend that you try to get a living partner.

At the same time, I’m aware that people are free to do whatever they want with their money — as long as they are within the limits of the law.

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