Science confirms: Drinking 2 beers a day reduces risk of depression

Science confirms: Drinking 2 beers a day reduces risk of depression

Now that the sun is back, it’s great to treat yourself to an ice-cold beer or two in the afternoon after coming back home from work.

The problem is that drinking alcohol regularly is associated with physical and mental health risks.

Now, however, there are studies that show one or two beers a day can actually reduce the risks of depression, according to the English site The Sun.

The researcher Katalin Gemes, from the Karolinska Institute of Sweden, conducted a study that followed over 5,000 people for ten years. The study shows that those who drank moderate amounts of alcohol regularly felt much better than those who didn’t drink at all.

The sweet spot is 14 beers a week

The study concluded that people who didn’t drink at all were 70 percent more likely to suffer from depression.

The magic number of beers per week turns out to be 14, which may sound like a lot, however, spread over a whole week, this means two beers a day.

Of those who drank two beers a day, only five percent showed risks of becoming depressed.

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Beer drinkers are more social

According to Katalin Gemes, those who indulge in some beers at regular intervals have a lower risk of suffering from depression, as they usually consume it in the company of friends at the pub.

“Taking part in social gatherings may explain why the risk of depression was lower,” said Katalin Gemes, according to The Sun.

The fact that you are better off drinking some beer, is also because alcohol helps the body to produce pleasing chemicals, such as serotonin.

Heavy drinkers have a greater risk of developing depression

However, it is vital to keep the number of beers at a reasonable level.

The study shows that those who drink more than 14 beers a week instead increase the risk of developing depression by 80 percent, so the researchers recommend not to consume over 14 beers a week.

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One shouldn’t, therefore, start drinking in excess, but to indulge in a beer or two after work can be both pleasing and good for your mental health.

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