Science confirms: Laziness is a sign of high intelligence

Do you prefer a nice evening relaxing on the couch instead of using the time to clean your home or your car?

Is it hard to start doing chores? Then maybe you are a lazy person who has difficulty getting things done.

We, lazy people, often get a lot of hate. However, now it’s time to comfort ourselves with the fact that we are smarter than the average person, according to a new study.

Lazy is a word that most of us would consider insulting. A lazy person is someone who has difficulty getting work done or starting at all. You may leave the dishes dirty for a few days before they get hastily and poorly washed, and the clothes spend most of the time in the dirty pile.

Higher Intelligence

But now, lazy people can relax because their laziness might be because of their higher intelligence, according to a new study.

Researchers conducted the study at the Florida Gulf Coast University, and the results showed that physical inactivity and high intelligence are related.

When lazy people are bored, their brain activity rises, which may seem like they are not doing much, but as a matter of fact, the brain is storming with ideas.

higher intelligence
Image source: Flickr

Avoid advanced thinking

What about people who are not lazy?

The study also found that people who prefer doing activities, for example, going out for a run, tend to avoid advanced thinking through their physical activity.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can completely give up on life and just lie on the couch, as exercise is also good for our brains, and all those ideas are gonna need some effort to become a reality, eventually.

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