Science confirms: People who cry watching movies are mentally stronger

Being strong means not crying, this old way of thought has somehow made its way through generations, rooting itself deeply into basic common sense. Strong people simply do not cry.

Of course, that’s a terrible lie; and according to a new study, it’s actually the opposite – people who cry and show emotions while watching movies, for example, are mentally stronger than those who don’t show any emotions, reports the site FeedFond.

Do you have a hard time holding back the tears during the sad or incredibly touching moments in a movie? Congratulations to you then, your mental strength is higher than the people who don’t display their emotions as easily.

Kinder people

The study showed that levels of oxytocin in the body rise when people become emotional while watching movies.

Oxytocin is an enjoyable substance that directly affects our sympathy and kindness in a positive way. When its levels are high, we simply become kinder and friendlier.

People with stronger mental aptitude understand better how the characters in a movie feel and have an easier time connecting with their feelings. Mental strength and good self-esteem are important to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, instead of closing up your emotions so you don’t do something like crying while watching a movie.

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Lower stress levels

It is also good for the health to cry, emotions exist to be let out, and doing so reduces the stress levels in the body, which makes it easier to sleep well at night, among many other benefits.

This study finally busts the myth that says the strongest don’t cry. If you are such a person who holds back the tears during a sad or touching occasion, then it may be time to think twice about it – crying is good for you!

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