You can now hire Victoria, 25, to clean your house – completely naked

To clean and tidy up our place, most of us think of it like a necessary evil, something you’d rather get through as fast as possible.

However, it’s a pretty liberating feeling once you’re done, when everything is clean and organized.

If you want to skip the difficult part, and just experience the good part, you can always hire a cleaning service.

And even better, hire someone that will clean your house naked, writes Ladbible.

Victoria Murphy, a 25-year-old ex-beautician, works as a cleaner, with a twist – she does it in her birthday suit.

Victoria Murphy, from Edinburgh, Scotland; runs her own cleaning company. However, it offers something you can’t find anywhere else.

The employees, including Victoria herself, do their job in sexy lingerie, or even naked if you are willing to pay the extra.

$100 per hour

Victoria, tired of her usual job as a beautician, quit it to become a cleaner in the nude. Today she runs Glimmer, a company with 15 full-time employees.

Depending on how little clothes the customer wants on their cleaning worker, the hourly rate varies between $72 and $100.

For that sum, the customer gets to enjoy watching a man or woman making their home shiny, in the nude.

“Do something fun and risqué”

Victoria had been thinking of starting her own business, with a mature touch, for a while, however, she didn’t know what to do until she saw an American cleaning company offering naked cleaning services.

She worked by herself at the beginning to “taste the water”.

“I knew I wanted something which would be fun and risqué but not extreme, but I didn’t want to put my staff into any situation I had not experienced myself,” Victoria told Ladbible.

“Don’t have to do anything they don’t want”

There are three different prices, the most expensive costs almost $100 per hour – but that means your cleaner will be completely naked.

Victoria, however, is careful to point out that physical contact can’t happen.

“We are not an escort service. What we offer is fun and flirty. None of my staff ever have to do anything they don’t feel comfortable with,” said Victoria to Ladbible.

Looking to expand

Victoria’s customer base varies greatly between both sexes and ages, and consists of about 20 recurring customers and about 15 who book a cleaning once in a while.

However, Victoria wants to expand her company and is constantly looking for new staff.

“When I’m recruiting, I’m not worried about what people look like – as everyone has a different idea of what’s attractive – but they do need to be presentable and body confident,” Victoria told Ladbible.

Despite her rather unusual and challenging career choices, she has only experienced positive reactions and lots of support from family and friends.

“They understand this is my baby, I spend a lot of time explaining to people that this is a serious cleaning business. We clean to a very high standard,” said Victoria to Ladbible.

Would you like to hire naked cleaning services?

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