Joke: Concerned mom asks 17-year-old daughter important question – girl’s response instantly makes her panic (fictional)

With the shockwaves made by the #MeToo movement around the world, many well-known names continue to be exposed and brought to justice, because of their harassment and abuse toward women. This brought up a very important discussion, about women standing up to sexism, and men not sitting quietly when they witness it.

I hope this leads us to be more respectful of each other in the future — and, most importantly, ending the violence between men and women.

It may be a naive dream, but at the same time, it must be our ultimate goal. At least I think so.

Well, we mainly write about fun stuff here, but this is an important topic. It also has to do with this fictional story (below), when a mom tried to prepare her daughter for what to expect now that she was reaching adulthood.

I got a great laugh at the end — and the 17-year-old’s answer was genius!

One day, Monica went into her daughter’s room to talk. Like the good mother she was, she felt it was time for a serious talk with her 17-year-old.

“What would you do?”

Sex, alcohol, and menstruation were topics discussed on earlier occasions, this time the mother sat next to her daughter in bed and after a little chat, she asked with a serious expression:

“Sandra… what would you do if a man tries to grab you, on an empty street at night?”

Mom asks daughter
Image: Advantage4Parents

The daughter thinks for a short while, and then replies:

“I would quickly pull down his pants and then pull my skirt up!”

The mother, completely shocked, asks:

“What are you saying?! Are you out of your mind young lady?!”

“Nah,” said the 17-year-old. “Who do you think will run faster? — a man with his pants down or me with my dress up?”

What a comeback! Share if you liked the daughter’s clever response!