Almost everybody gets it wrong on the first try: How many Q's are hidden in this image?

Almost everybody gets it wrong on the first try: How many Q’s are hidden in this image?

Lately, optical illusions and brain teasers have exploded in popularity and turned into real internet trends. Apparently, we humans love testing our abilities and senses, as well as challenging our limitations.

It’s also fun and exciting to compare yourself with the people around you in new and different ways!

Throughout the years, we’ve gotten to experience lots of fascinating illusions and tricky puzzles. They’ve all been different, but they’ve all had one thing in common: if you put your mind to it and really focus on them for a while, then you have a shot at finding the solution.

The latest variation on this theme is the puzzle below. It’s really pretty simple in design, but most people get the answer wrong on their first try. The challenge is to spot the letters that stand out from the rest.

I have to admit that I wasn’t perceptive enough and guessed the wrong answer. But if you tune out all distractions and really focus, then I think you can solve it pretty fast.

What makes it so hard is that you only have 10 seconds to give your answer.

Find the letter Q

Below is an image with lots of O’s. However, there are several Q’s hidden in there. How many Q’s are there in the image? You have 10 seconds to figure it out. Ready, set and go!

Do you have your answer ready? Good, let’s see how you did. Remember, most people get it wrong on their first try, so it’s harder than you’d think.

See the solution below. We have marked all Q’s in yellow.

The right answer is that there are 6 Q’s hidden in the image!

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