Only a few people can find the circles hiding in this picture – are you sharp enough?

There are many of us who like to challenge ourselves and to face tasks that let you test your abilities and skills. Needless to say, it becomes even more exciting when you compete with acquaintances.

It’s natural since the human instinct of competition, which has been a part of every single person for as long as humanity has existed, makes us feel fascinated by visual puzzles and optical tests.

Lately, this type of challenges have gotten popular again – and are flooding the internet like never before.

Since puzzles and tests are a much-needed exercise for the brain, that’s great!

This clever puzzle (below) really offers training for the so important collaboration between the eyes and brain. It’s about finding circles – a total of 16 – in a particular image. For most, it’s really, really difficult. At least initially.

Can you find the circles?

For example, Nicholas Johnson, an Australian entertainer and writer, admitted on his Facebook page it took him 30 minutes to figure out the solution – and when I checked around the web it appeared on several sites that only 1 in 10 people solves the task under 10 seconds.

find all the circles

Some need, of course, more time than others – but that’s only natural. Now, however, it’s time to find the 16 circles that hide in the picture.

Will you succeed?

find all the circles challenge

If you find it difficult to find all the circles – then focus on the vertical lines between the rectangles. Do you now see how the vertical lines vary in height?

Here is a reference to help you understand a little.

find all the circles solution

Now you can see the circles!

Did you find any circles on your own? Good work! In that case, press SHARE to invite your friends to a fun challenge!