Challenge: There’s a four-digit number hiding in this picture – but can you see which one it is?

Whether it’s sports, memory or vision, it’s always exciting to test our skills.

Challenging yourself regularly is good for your body, soul, and brain – as well as a great way to stay focused.

One of the best ways to keep our brains sharp is to spend a few minutes every day solving brainteasers.

Mind challenges can look difficult at first, the important part is doing them often. The brain is a muscle, and like all other muscles, it becomes faster, stronger and more resilient the more you exercise it; in the right way, obviously.

New brainteasers

Usually, people do crosswords or sudoku from the newspaper, however, on the last few weeks, I’ve found myself doing a completely new type of puzzles.

Their name is visual puzzles, or optical illusions, and to be honest, it’s quite fun to solve them.

The challenge lies in finding something specific in an image that was created in a way that makes it difficult to perceive the hidden details.

Can you see the four-digit number?

Here is today’s challenge.

Below, there is a picture which consists of many dots.

Somewhere among these dots, there’s a four-digit number hiding.

Can you see it?

Here is the picture. Good luck!

number hiden

Did you find the number?

If not, then you can try to look at the picture from other angles and distances, that way it becomes easier.

If you can’t see the number, we will show you the answer after the picture below.

Image source: Pexels

Time for the answer

The answer is 5691.

Now that you know the answer, it may be easier to find.

number hides

Can you see it now?

Did you manage to solve this puzzle?

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