Nobody in my family could figure this out: How many goats are in this picture?

Puzzles are one of my favorite pastimes. Ever since I was a little kid, I loved to solve everything from crosswords to sudoku. Now in recent years, I’m really attracted to picture puzzles.

It’s about finding an error or a certain amount of something on an image. It can be really difficult sometimes but oh so sweet when you finally get it.

More importantly, I got my whole family to help me with this amazing picture I stumbled across the web. And we still couldn’t manage to find everything!

May really strain your eyes

The image below shows a flock of goats that are on a mountain slope. So far so good. But the question is how many can you actually see in the image?

So now – how many can you find?

How many goats can you see?

Some of them are clearly visible, but there is a bunch not as easy to find. How many can you find? A small clue: there are more than ten.

The correct number of goats can be found in the picture below.

Here is the total amount of goats in this picture

There are therefore 13 goats in the picture! I, with the help of my family, just got 7, we were looking for so long!

So if you found more than 7, smash that share button so your friends can also take on the challenge!