Only a genius can find the letter N: Can you do it in less than 10 seconds?

These days, computers do most of our work for us. That’s why one of the most healthy and productive things you can do with your time is to practice your mind every day. More people should do this!

Every afternoon, my grandma always spends 30 minutes solving crosswords or Sudoku puzzles – and I should really start doing the same. I can’t stay lazy forever!

I found this brain teaser online earlier today, and it really made me focus. Back when I was in school, I had a teacher who would always give us little puzzles and challenges. It was a welcome break from the usual math!

Find the letter N

Training your brain is never a bad thing.

The task below is about mind-eye coordination. Your mission is to find the letter N hiding among the many M’s. It sounds easier than it is!

Apparently, only 1 in 10 can solve this within 10 seconds! So if you manage to do it, then you’re practically a genius! Here it is: ready, set go!



Did you find it? Here’s the solution!



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