Only a few people can pass this tricky test: Can you find the odd emoji out?

Wherever you look nowadays, people are staring at their smartphones, at work, school, and mostly at home. Having access to this sea of information, does it actually make us smarter?

Personally, I like solving crosswords, sudoku or other brain-teasers to kill time. This way, I can exercise the brain in different ways, and it’s also good to please my competitive side.

Regularly exercising the mind, helps the memory to stay sharp. To be honest, this puzzle (below), took me a while to complete.

This type of puzzle is called an optical illusion. It’s a picture with a lot of symbols, in this case, emojis, which all look the same — except one. When it comes to these types of challenges, if you don’t fully concentrate, it’s easy to get stuck.

Can you find the different emojis?

The challenge is to find the detail that separates this emoji from all the others — and it can be really difficult. I found this puzzle in a YouTube channel called EG Mines, according to them only 1 in 8 people can complete this challenge.

Below, you can see a picture filled with heart emojis. However, one heart stands out from the rest. Can you find it?

Find the odd emoji heart
Image Source: Youtube

Were you able to find the odd heart out?

If yes, congratulations.

If not, the answer will be below.

Solution Heart
Image Source: Youtube

There at the bottom, to the right! It’s a broken heart.

Bonus puzzle

What a challenge! Okay, now the warm-up is over. This time, find which snowman looks different from the others?

Find the odd snowman out
Image Source: Youtube

Look very carefully now! Of 24 snowmen, one looks a bit different.

Do you see which snowman doesn’t look like the other 23?

If you can’t find it, look at the answer below.

Solution Snowman
Image Source: Youtube

In the middle, to the very right, there is a poor snowman who doesn’t have any snow!

Did you find at least one of these two emojis? Then press the share button and see if your friends can find them!