A warm and relaxing bath can burn as many calories as a long walk, according to research

We often see people on television who study and research the key to a long and happy life, and there seems to be no clear answer. Some say it’s about the diet, some say you should drink a particular thing, the list goes on.

What we know, for now, is that one way to stay healthy is regular exercise. This doesn’t mean running a marathon or being a professional athlete, it means going for a walk or a run a couple of times every week.

A new study, however, seems to have found a way to do that at home, without even having to get up. Researchers have discovered you burn as many calories during a warm bath, as during a half-hour walk, reports the BBC.

Put on your workout clothes and go for a walk or have a warm and relaxing bath and just relax – that’s the question. At least if you ask Steve Faulkner, a doctor at Loughborough University. His research centers on how to replace traditional exercise with something more relaxing.

Equals a 30 minutes walk

The study comprised ten men who had to undergo a test consisting of two parts.

In the first part, researchers asked the participants to take a 104-degree relaxing bath for 60 minutes, then eat a light meal.

The second part involved one hour on a bike followed also by a light meal.

Afterward, the participants’ values ​​were measured. The cycling burned more calories than the bath, but the bath still burned 140 calories, which equates to a 30-minute quick walk.

A relaxing bath helps with diabetes

The same study also found that participants’ blood sugar levels dropped more in the bathtub than on the bicycle, a discovery that can be a major step forward when it comes to treating diabetics who have difficulty exercising.

“What we found, was that peak glucose was actually quite a bit lower after the bath, compared with exercise, which was completely unexpected,” Steve Faulkner told the BBC.

Image source: Youtube

So it might not be time to throw your workout clothes in the trash can, yet, but you can probably treat yourself to a relaxing bath sometimes instead of risking getting sick in the rain trying to exercise!

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