Older siblings are the WORST drivers, according to science

Do you know anyone who acts a real fool behind the wheel? They might be a bit too heavy on the gas, hit the curb while turning, neglect the turn signals, or can’t parallel park to save their lives. Chances are these individuals are part of the older siblings in the family.

Such is the discovery by a new study led by researchers in Great Britain. The research suggests that older siblings are the worse drivers in the family.

Being a good or bad driver depends on age, sex, quality of instructors, and many other factors. The truth is that we all want to be reliable behind the wheel, but honestly, there are some real idiots out there.

Older siblings are the worst drivers

Privilege Car Insurance, one of the biggest insurance providers in England, surveyed almost 1,400 drivers. The study concluded there were significant differences between older siblings’ driving skills and the rest of the family, reports The Mirror.

older siblings are the worst drivers

To illustrate, speeding is 89% more common among older siblings. They also step on the wrong lane 46% more often – but that’s not all.

It is 30% more likely for an older sister or brother to use their phone while driving, which is both very risky and a crime. Older siblings also are more aggressive behind the wheel than their younger family members.

They are also smarter

These behaviors lead to more severe consequences. 22% of the older siblings who participated in the survey had been in at least one accident. 15% of them in a serious one.

danger behind the wheel

Previous research has shown that older siblings are usually also smarter. But if that is the case, then it is not really noticeable on the roads.

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