Today’s Challenge: How many legs can you spot in this image?

Visual illusions, or optical puzzles, as they are more commonly called, have piqued humanity’s curiosity since time immemorial.These challenges often create intense arguments due to their different solutions, which is perhaps the reason why they are so fascinating.

It is unknown when the visual illusion below first came to light. But recently, it seems to have gone viral in a controversial way.

Let’s see what solution you think is the correct one!

Brainteasers are a great way to give the mind a workout, they help us stay fresh and sharp, so we can deal with everything life throws at us.

Perceives things differently

With that said, the puzzle below is very skillfully made. We are all unique individuals, and we all perceive things differently.

What you or I see in a picture does not have to be exactly the same.

This illusion seems quite simple, but that simplicity somehow makes it more difficult to solve. The fact is that no one seems to be able to determine, with 100% certainty, which is the correct answer.

How many legs can you see?

However, it can be fun to see what solution you come up with, so don’t be afraid and share your opinion in the Facebook comments section.

The Question: How many legs do you see in the picture?

How many legs?

How many legs did you count?


Here are the most common answers

The most common answers are – 6, 7, 13, and 14. Some even count 15. You can probably see how this picture became so controversial.

I guess the problem is that it is unclear if you have to see the whole leg to count it, or if it is enough to see a small part.

As I said, there is no real answer, but how many legs did you count?

Did you find more than five legs in the picture?

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