Troublemaker refuses to take his feet off the subway seat – but a stranger has a hilarious solution

If you use public transportation often, you probably have met defiant and rude teenagers more times that you ever wanted to.

It’s obviously not their fault, they are going through a part of their life filled with hormones and change, being rebellious and short-tempered is normal for anyone who experiences such a drastic transformation.

On the other hand, they still need to understand they are not above the rest of us, and therefore, like with anyone else, must be put in their place when they take things too far.

And that’s exactly what a man did, after witnessing a teenager manspreading his feet on the seat of a packed subway – and by the kid’s reaction, we can assume that it’ll take a while before he does something like that again.

Earlier this winter, a young man decided to lay down with his feet on top of a subway seat row. Occupying three seats at the same time, reported the Mirror.

sat on feet
Image source: Twitter

Sat on him

By doing this, the boy forced other passengers to ride standing because of his selfishness.

However, no one wanted to create conflict by telling him off, people just want to get their commute done with, so they let him stay there submerged in his phone.

Until a gentleman got on the subway and saw what was going on.

Without saying anything, he simply sat down on the boy’s feet.

Image source: Twitter

Hailed by thousands

Isabel, a woman sitting on the opposite row of the subway car where the event took place, saw the whole thing.

She quickly pulled out her phone and captured the boy’s hilarious reaction.

sat on his feet
Image source: Twitter

The pictures have quickly spread online. And now, the man who sat on the teenager’s feet is hailed as a hero by the internet. I wish more people would put their foot down like this gentleman.

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