Tony, 30, identifies as a dog – his greatest pleasure is "being a puppy at all times every day"

Tony, 30, identifies as a dog – his greatest pleasure is “being a puppy at all times every day”

If there’s something that fascinates me, it’s people who live their life their own way, even if it’s weird or unconventional, they don’t care what others think of them. Strong people who may have an odd interest or an unusual hobby.

At the Laugh Bible, we don’t only write about funny things, we share stories that are fascinating, curious, and impressive. Therefore, stories like this (below). So we can try to understand why people who carry nothing but good intentions, are still cast away by their surroundings.

However, I think it’s important that people who live the way they want, take part in the media and share their thoughts and stories about their colorful lives. So I can be honored with their story – and as long as they don’t hurt others, people are entitled to choose how to live their life.

Someone who chose to talk about his unusual life is 30-year-old Tony McGinn who lives in Los Angeles with his husband Andrew. Tony is a great enthusiast of “dog role-play”, and refers to himself as a ‘human pup’.

His friends call him “Tony Barks”

Playing fetch on all fours and running around, getting petted and barking may seem strange to some, but it’s quite natural for Tony, according to Daily Mail.

“A lot of little kids like to play like they’re a dog and most of them grow out of it. I just never grew out of that”, added the transgender man called “Tony Barks” by his friends.

Tony Barks

He continues:

“To me, a dog is everything pure in the world. Dogs experience the world through a lens of pure joy that I don’t think other animals have. It’s not sexual but it’s still a form of intimacy because it is a vulnerable place. Imagine if the easiest way to delight your partner is you just throw a ball across the room. Relationships wouldn’t fail anymore if that’s all you had to do”.

man identifies as dog

The partner Andrew adds:

“I hang out and I provide him with lots of attention and tell him he is a good boy. That’s basically 90 percent of it. I think everyone should feel comfortable exploring the limits of their creativity and imagination and most of us have grown up in a culture that strongly discourages you from taking it too far.”

Andrew is in charge

The couple also has three “bio dogs”, as they refer to them. However, they think that Tony is as much “real dog” with his various costumes, toys, and tailor-made silicone gloves.

“I consider myself a puppy at all times every day. When we engage in pet play, It’s a bit of a power dynamic that puts Andrew in charge and I enjoy that”, Tony admits to Daily Mail.

What do you think about Tony’s lifestyle? Is it wrong, or does he have the right to follow his dream? Share your thoughts, but please be respectful if you do.

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