Angela gets tired of scraping her windshield every day – watch the smart trick all Northerners should try

Winter is almost here. We can feel the days getting shorter and colder. Soon enough, you’ll have to get up earlier to scrape the ice off your windshield. As if mornings are not stressful enough, now you also have to freeze your hands to get to work.

But Angela, a woman from Manchester, England, has come up with an ingenious trick to make the scraping both faster and easier, writes Manchester Evening News.

Winter is beautiful and cozy. The snow makes everything outside white and bright. You spend the evenings cuddling up with a few blankets on the sofa, drinking a warm cup of coffee, and watching your favorite show.

However, what everyone hates about the winter is the perpetual morning routine of getting up an hour early to warm up the car and scrape the windshield. Somewhere in your vehicle, often under the seat, you’ll grab your plastic ice scraper and proceed to suffer through what feels like an eternity to get your windows free from frost.

It is a modern form of torture. However, Angela Hickling, a UK resident, had enough of her fingers freezing while scraping her windshield. So she simply invented her own ice scraper device.

I'm sure sundays arnt made for this ya know, wheres my breakfast in bed all nice and warm.. football life ⚽️👍⚽️👍⚽️👍bring me my hot chocolate 🥳🥳🥳🥳

Gepostet von Angela Hickling am Sonntag, 17. November 2019

A bottle with a brush

Angela was at her boyfriend’s house and started looking for something to scrape the windows with. Then she found an empty bottle, with a brush included, that used to be a carpet cleaner.

Angela filled the empty bottle with hot water and then used the brush to scrape the windows. The warm water helped to melt the ice, and in just a few seconds, she got the windows clear from frost.

Angela: “I am a genius”

Angela took some pictures to immortalize her brilliant idea and then posted them on social media.

“I’m a genius, get ya self one of these bottles, fill it with warm water and ya sorted, no cold hands scraping anymore and it cleans ya window screen too, the brush bit is ideal. Off to work now, have a great day people!” Angela wrote on Facebook.

I'm a genius, get ya self one of these bottles, fill it with warm water and ya sorted, no cold hands scraping anymore…

Gepostet von Angela Hickling am Montag, 18. November 2019

Went viral immediately

Angela’s idea is now being praised all over the net, and thousands have complimented her clever tricks.

“I was just looking through my boyfriend’s cupboard to find some sort of gadget as I really didn’t want my fingers freezing off, and saw the bottle. It was a light bulb moment.. filled it with warm water, and it worked perfectly. I was so happy,” Angela told the Manchester Evening News.

Watch the fantastic clip below!

What a smart woman! However, it is essential to make sure that the bottle is rinsed from its original contents before using it on the windows! Now press that SHARE button below so that your friends can also learn this smart trick!