Balding man wants to surprise his future wife at the altar – and nobody recognizes him after his makeover

Balding is something almost every man has to deal with eventually, one way or another. Most men embrace it and just shave the whole thing, after all, it is just hair, and bald men are considered sexy in this day and age, if they take care of themselves, that is. 

For some, however, balding is a problem that causes anxiety and stress in situations where you want to look your best. Such was the case for this man on the day of his wedding, he barely had anything to work with. But he wasn’t ready to say goodbye to his hair, so he asked a professional to help him achieve his dream.

The man, who remains anonymous, turned to hairdresser and stylist Jason Makki. Jason Makki works in Dubai and is quite famous online, where he steadily uploads clips of the awesome hairstyles he creates.

Image source: Youtube

Wanted to surprise his wife

Jason Makki seated this thin-haired man on one of his saloon’s chairs and started to work. His goal: to turn this man’s hair into something that would amaze his future wife at the altar.

Image source: Youtube

From thin-haired to man-mane

Jason Makki cuts, combs and dries the man’s hair, so far nothing special. However, the spray he gets out next changes everything. The result will impress you, I can guarantee it, you wouldn’t guess this is a balding man in a hundred years.

See the amazing clip below!

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