”Husbands of Target” unite in hysterical video while waiting for their wives to just ”run in”

Marriage, what a wonderful thing. You are no longer alone, there is someone that will always be there for you, ready to hold your back when you most need it. It’s one of the best feelings in the world. The perks of being married are many.

However, not everything is easy, when it comes to shopping, for example, we men are alien to the concept of staying longer than 20 minutes at stores. We have what we need in mind, we go in, get it, and get out. It’s quite simple, or is it?

To women, there are a lot of things to consider when you buy something, sales, coupons, etc. There is a process to do effective and smart shopping, and it can take a while. So in comes one of the biggest problems in most relationships: What do men do, while waiting for their partner to finish shopping, to avoid dying of boredom?

Our story today might have the answer for that: “Husbands of target”, unite!

We all know that Target, the famous chain store, it’s particularly attractive to women in their 30s, we don’t know exactly what it is, no one does, the case is that something mystical happens inside, something that literally makes times stop, or at least that’s what it feels for the husbands waiting outside.

“Husbands of target” is born

So what do you do? Is there a way to escape our terrible fate of waiting in the car for hours, while scrolling through our phones, hoping the Target shopping ritual ends faster this time? 

Well, according to Charlie Berens, all you need is some beef jerky. Or at least that was the spark that started everything, says Taylor Calmus from Dude Dad.

Husbands of Target
Dude Dad/YouTube

In the video, you’ll witness the birth of an unbreakable bond between a group of husbands, who met by chance while waiting for their wives and decided to take matters into their own hands. While a bit exaggerated for comedic purposes, the video hits home with a lot of men. Everyone understands the helplessness of being stuck in your car, at the mercy of the Target gods.

“Last week I clocked 12 hours”

The video starts with them telling their stories about the dreadful hours they had to wait on their cars,

Dude Dad/YouTube

Taylor, for example, got hired by the Target management after they found him returning the carts to keep busy while waiting for his wife:

“They said I could work whenever my wife was shopping, last week I clocked 12 hours.” He said.

husbands of target
Dude Dad/YouTube

Penn Holderness, on the other hand, completed his doctorate between 2015 and 2018 online, while waiting for his wife.

From beef jerky to barbecue

In the video, Taylor tells how one day, after been waiting for 63 minutes in the car, he was furious, but out of nowhere, he heard a knock on his window. 

It was Charlie.

“Hey, got some new jerky, wanna try some?”

Myles Montplaisir, also drawn into the group by Charlie’s beef jerky, said:

“That was honestly the start of our friendship.”

Dude Dad/YouTube

The group started playing cards, drinking, tossing the ball around. It only got better from there.

“When Myles brought his grill, it changed everything.” Said Penn.

Now the husbands don’t want to leave

They have so much fun together now, that their wives have to drag them out of the poker van. And they can’t wait to go back to Target to spend some time with the boys.

Watch the whole video below, it’s a hilarious yet heartwarming piece. I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw their solution to look after the kids.

Such a wonderful group of husbands!

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