Man poses next to a terrifying alligator – but bypassers miss one small detail

Art is shaped by opinion, taste, and interpretation. It is normal to think an art piece might seem a bit odd to some people, but that is also a form of interpretation in itself. 

Things that many consider useless or even trash, like glass, bags, wood, gravel, sand, and so on – can be shaped into impressive creations by an artist.

For Andoni Bastarrika, sand is his canvas. The tool that allows him to channel his incredible creativity and artistic skills into reality.

It all started 10 years ago when he took his two daughters to the beach. They created a mermaid out of the sand – and to their surprise, it turned out amazing.

Andoni’s incredible sand sculptures

Since then, his sand sculptures have become part of Andoni Bastarrika’s everyday life.

To satisfy his new passion, he often goes to beaches to let his hands do their magic. He makes everything from a giant alligator to terrifying sharks and beautiful horses.

At first glance, many people think that the animals are real, reports Bored Panda.

Alligator, horses, and bulls

Of course, the creations of this skilled artist are now spreading like wildfire around the world.

Aren’t these superb creations?


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